Featured Artifact

This year’s ‘Canoeing in Muskoka’ exhibit features a new addition to our canoe collection, a Mack Cunningham canoe from Bala. Known as one of Muskoka best boat builders, Mack Cunningham, along with his family, hand-built canvas covered canoes to rent in the 1930s and 1940s out of what is now known as Purk’s Place near the falls in Bala. A favourite of the fishermen and hunters of the day, this is one of Mack’s 16 ft. models, complete with a paddle and a single seat-back, both stamped WC to keep them with the rental canoes.

‘Canoeing in Muskoka’ explores the place the canoe has in the region’s history, from the First Nations peoples and early explorers to day-tripping by tourists and cottagers, to regattas. Come in and experience for yourself the joys of ‘Canoeing in Muskoka’.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support of                   PH&N Institutional as this year’s Sponsor of our Feature Exhibit, ‘Canoeing in Muskoka’