The Muskoka Lakes Museum’s Pioneer log cabin

Pioneer Cabin

This square timber log home was built in the Glen Orchard area in 1875 by George and Jane Hall, with the help of their two oldest sons. The Halls moved to Muskoka from London, Ontario with their seven children. The home was built from the giant white princes that grew locally. Notice the large size of the logs, and try to imagine the work involved in cutting and shaping the lumber. It is a typical example of a first home built by settlers that moved to Muskoka seeking the free land grants under the Free Grants and Homestead Act of 1868. You’ll learn more of the Hall family story during your visit.

Cabin interior

Relocated to the museum site in 1983, the Hall log cabin contains many early artifacts and household items, which serve as examples of everyday life in Muskoka’s pioneer era. There is also a display of early children’s games and toys.