Experience ‘winter in summer’ at the museum this season!


Do you know what is the average amount of snow that we get in Muskoka each winter? Do you know what the record is for the most amount of snow in Muskoka in one winter? Do you know when that record of amount of snow fell? Come over to the museum this season to find out the answers to these at our ‘Winter in Muskoka’ exhibit.

Many ‘wintry’ things are on display, including local vintage photos of hockey, skating, curling and snowshoeing, plus related paraphernalia in the Winter Activities section. Our own buffalo coat, (circa 1920s) is out and on show, along with a more modern down-filled coat for comparison, plus more artifacts to compare in the Then & Now section. Being our longest season there is always winter weather to talk about, so we have lots of charts and stories to review in the Weather section. Experience ‘winter in summer’ at the museum this season!